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TOP Group is a specialist recruiting firm that works with Japanese-related businesses throughout the United States. We have been providing professional human resource services to Japanese companies and various other companies specializing in Japanese commerce since we were established in 1992.

Our customers include finance, automotive, freight forwarding, electronics, manufacturing, and service-related companies. Our candidates have diverse backgrounds and qualifications, with experience in sales and marketing, engineering, customer service, administration, translation/interpretation, computing, accounting and many other skills.

TOP Group works with companies from coast-to-coast. Our headquarters is located in New York, we have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Mexico city, Leon Mexico, Tokyo, Japan and we opened our newest Monterrey office recently. We provide the best candidates that fit well into companies using the latest in HR methods and strategies, We pledge to devote quality time and energy to ensure proper placement with excellent results.

Our Services

Permanent Placement

Our fully-qualified recruiters offer consulting and support services throughout the hiring process. Our primary focus has always been on specialized searches in support of clients’ targeted personnel needs. If our company is looking to hire key executives, we offer a value-added approach, working as an extension of your organization. We search and find candidates with experience ranging from entry-level to management and executive positions dependent on a company’s needs.

Temporary Employment

Temporary workers are a cost-effective way of staffing. For temporary positions, time is critical-therefore we guarantee and immediate response at all times. Every applicant is thoroughly screened, which saves ourclients time spent interviewing under-qualified candidates. We handle taxes and insurance for our temps, and we negotiate the period and conditions of employment.
When all the details are finalized, we prepare and agreement for our client companies. For added business security, our temporary workers all sign a confidentiality agreement covering work the temp will be performing for our clients.

Connecting Companies to Candidates for Success

Human Resources Consulting

Finding the best combination of candidate and company. This is the mission of our HR services. Our goal is to be a resource our clients can trust when they need to hire new personnel. To accomplish this, establishing long-term relationships with our clients is essential. We connect with our clients so we know who they are, how they work, and what their needs are. Knowing a client company provides insight into what candidates will prosper for that particular company. We analyze the candidate’s credentials and carefully screen candidates to ensure our clients save time by meeting only the most qualified candidates. We communicate frequently with our candidates and maintain records in our proprietary database so we can better understand who they are and the potential the candidate brings to a future employer. We conserve our clients’ valuable time by discovering and discerning candidate capabilities on our clients’ behalf.

In our specialized field, immigration law knowledge is also essential. Accordingly, all of our consultants keep up-to-date on the latest news in working authorization matters. With this knowledge we are able to assist our clients and our candidates in making informed decisions in the hiring process. We are adept at streamlining the process and reducing the confusion that comes when dealing with this sensitive issue.

TOP Group also provides our clients with consulting in US employment and labor laws, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, performance evaluation, benefit packages and compensation, and employee management in addition to hiring support.

Experience in Visa and Work Authorization Issues

Visa and working authorization knowledge is indispensable to hiring skilled foreign job seekers. Immigration laws are changed and amended frequently, and it is essential to keep current with the latest news to avoid complications. Our extensive experience in working with this field has provided us with a wealth of knowledge to advise our clients and a network of trusted immigration attorneys to refer to our clients.

Follow-Up and Support for Multicultural Concerns

TOP Group does not stop when the candidate is hired-we keep in contact with our client companies and referred candidates after placement. We obtain feedback from both parties to ensure complete satisfaction. To prevent possible conflicts or problems resulting from cultural differences, we stand ready to offer support and consultation effectively and confidentially should any issues arise.

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