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Japanese and English Bilingual Machine Learning Engineer

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Job Description

Currently a software company is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer or NLP Engineer to create and process faster medical information. Be a part of a team that strives to cure patients faster through choosing the right clinical trials.

Position: Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Pasadena, CA

Languages: English and Japanese required

Pay: $120K - $200K


  • Design NLP application and products
  • Use effective text representation techniques to develop useful features.
  • Document Parsing, Point of sentence (PoS) tagging, and tokenization
  • Identify and utilize correct algorithms.
  • Conduct statistical analyses for models and make adjustments.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field
  • Proficiency in Java/Scala/Clojure (JVM languages)
  • Well-practiced with common JVM language language/grammar parsing/processing frameworks including Lucene, StanfordNLP, OpenNLP, SparkNLP, ANTLR, etc
  • Deep knowledge of traditional ML concepts such as LSTMs, RNNs, GMMs, SVMs, trees, and boosting. as well as more recent deep learning fundamentals and NLP-related experience with Word Embeddings
  • Experienced using a Deep Learning Framework, preferably Tensorflow or higher level abstractions such as Keras.
  • Mature theoretical grasp of different neural networks on large-scale datasets
  • Deep and Fundamental understanding in signal processing concepts
  • Skills in Data Structures and Algorithms