Job Details

Sushi Chef- Milpitas, CA

Position: Sushi Chef

Location: Milpitas, CA/San Francisco Bay Area

Salary: $96K+

Status: 正社員雇用

Ref #: #30979


  • - Lead the team. Collaborate with other kitchen staff to ensure smooth operation and timely service.
  • - Prepare and create a variety of sushi dishes according to established recipes and standards.
  • - Bring Japanese sushi roll and nigiri dining to customers home with a focus on to go.
  • - Ensure the quality and freshness of ingredients used in sushi preparation.


  • - Leadership. Ability to work well in a team and communicate effectively with kitchen staff.
  • - 5~7 years+ experience of Sushi Chef or similar role.
  • - Extensive knowledge of sushi preparation techniques and presentation.
  • - Basic knife skills and ability to handle raw fish safely.

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