Automotive Modeler (SCA/–#21712) (639 views)

Irvive, CA, 

Seeking some AUTOMOTIVE MODELERS with 0-2 years work experience in AUTOMOTIVE industry. Must have some knowledge about AUTOMOTIVE Design/Industry. Must have Bachelor’s degree and be knowledgeable in areas of industrial design, architecture or industrial technology.

-Knowledgeable of Automotive model making as It relates to industrial design, architecture or industrial technology
-Critical thinking: auto body parts
-Technical skills: Auto body inspections use a wide range of tools & equipment to asses finished parts
-Attention to detail and having good eyes for any necessary for the car part
-Bring shape and form to Styling ideas and designs
-Create models from concepts and sketches focusing on the combination of form and function, including overall vehicle package
-Develop knowledge and skills of design feature to include: function, quality, manufacturing method, ergonomics, materials, cost, life of the product, tolerances, clearance, aesthetics

-Must speak, read, and write in English
-0-2 years of work experience as Automotive modelers is strongly preferred
-Must have some knowledge about Automotive Design/Industry
-Must have an Bachelor’s Degree
-Engineering drawings
-Can create 3D CAD
-Advanced mechanical and joining principles, applications and systems

LocationIrvive, CA
Visa Support No
Employment Type Full-time
Job Order Number21712
Experience (Years)2 years
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