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Driving in Manhattan could cost $11.52


Driving a car into Manhattan could cost $11.52 as New York City looks to become the first in the US to introduce traffic charging, The New York Times reports. “Congestion pricing is an idea whose time has come,” Governor Andrew Cuomo told the Times. The system would cover Manhattan south of 60th Street — trucks would spend $25.34, passenger vehicles would pay $11.52, and taxis and for-hire vehicles could see overcharges of $2 to $5 per ride. Motorists would be charged via wireless transponders or by having an invoice sent to the address registered to the car’s license plate. Similar charges are already used in places like Singapore, Stockholm, Durham, London, Riga and Milan. London’s city center has seen a 44% decline in car entries since it implemented the traffic charging in 2003, according to city officials. A study of traffic charging in Stockholm found that, in the absence of the legislation, the city’s “air would have been 5% to 10% percent more polluted between 2006 and 2010, and young children would have suffered 45% more asthma attacks.” 
by New York Times